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This essay published by MiniTool official website mainly introduces you to a type of Windows tool that can view the dump files of the blue screen of death error details. It is called a blue screen viewer or BSOD viewer. I believe that most users choose to skip the problem and continue their work when their machines go back to work again just like me. Then, is it still necessary to view the dump file after the blue screen error? Yes, of course! On the one hand, the error occurs does due to that there is something wrong with your computer.

Though it seems that you can still work with it without any problem, it might cause you trouble sometime in the future. It just seems to be gathering force to crash your system completely when it is powerful enough. The fact is that some BSOD errors happen repeatedly since the first appearance and without a further fix.

If you take it into your mind, you may find that it happens more and more frequently if you just leave it alone. Finally, you will be intolerable about it and start to find solutions. Until then, it may be too late to rescue your computer and you may result to reinstall the system to have a fresh start. Therefore, it is smart to kill your problems when it is in its infancy. In order to fix the blue screen error with the right solutions, you have to, first of all, know what the problem is by view the dump log file created for the error.

BlueScreenView is the most popular blue screen of death viewer and is developed by NirSoft. It scans all your minidump files and displays the info about all crashes in one table. For each crash, BlueScreenView shows its dump filename, crash time, bug check string, bug check code, and parameter 1 — 4 in the upper pane.

BlueScreenView also displays the details of the driver or module that possibly caused the crash in the lower pane, including filename, address in stack, from address, size, timestamp, time string, product name, file description, file version, company, and full path. It can also output the dump information to a text file, which you can post online to help diagnose the BSOD error.

To make use of it, just download it, unzip the program files, and run the executable BlueScreenView. Debug Diagnostic Tool is a trouble-shooter by Microsoft that care about computer crashes, blue and black screen of death , slowing down, memory loss, etc.

WinDbg is another Microsoft trouble-shooting program that scans on the dump files using the command line and debugs the OS to prevent it from a blue screen of death error or crashes. WhoCrashed checks for drivers which have been crashing your computer. If you are displayed with a blue or black screen of death, suddenly rebooted or shut down, etc. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Reddit Summary : This essay published by MiniTool official website mainly introduces you to a type of Windows tool that can view the dump files of the blue screen of death error details.

What Is Blue Screen Viewer? Tip: To avoid data loss in the above situations, you are recommended to back up crucial data at a set frequency. Thus, automatic backup software is necessary. Just download and try for free! Free Download. Scroll down for the next news Scroll down.



Windows 10 blue screen free. How to troubleshoot and fix Windows 10 blue screen errors


The Blue Screen of Death BSoD — also known as “blue screen,” “stop error,” or “system crash” — could happen after a critical error occurs that Windows 10 is not able to handle and resolve automatically. You will typically experience a blue screen error during the upgrade process of Windows 10when the computer boots up, or randomly when actively using the device.

The most annoying part is that you’ll only see a solid blue background and a sad character face without enough information to determine the real cause windows 10 blue screen free the problem. The system will display a message like, “Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We’re just collecting some error info, and then we’ll restart for you. Or hexadecimal codes such as 0xD1, 0xA, or 0xBbut they’re just hieroglyphics for regular users.

Although a stop error does not have a straight answer, it’s almost always a problem with a quality or feature update for Windows 10, recently installed driver, incompatible program, or hardware-related issue. In this Windows 10 guide, we will walk you through the several troubleshooting steps to resolve a blue screen error.

When you upgrade to a new version of Windows 10, a blue screen error may appear for many reasons. For example, it could result from a compatibility problem with an old program or security software. Or it could be because of corrupted files in the current installation or damaged installation media. Typically, when an error occurs, the setup will revert the changes to the previous installation without an explanation.

If you are dealing with errors during the installation, uninstalling non-essential apps, clearing out продолжить downloads, disconnecting non-essential peripherals, or doing a clean install of Windows 10 may resolve the issue.

Once you complete the steps, you may need to repeat the steps to uninstall additional apps, and then you can try the upgrade windows 10 blue screen free more time. After the update, you can reinstall the apps again. Sometimes, if you use the Windows Update option to upgrade a device, you could see a Blue Screen of Death when installation files were damaged during the download process.

In this case, you can use the Settings app to clear the previous files, allowing the system to redownload the upgrade bits. After you complete the steps, open the Windows Update settings and proceed with the steps to upgrade the computer one more time.

If you continue with the same problem, you adobe problems windows 10 free consider using the Update Assistant utility to perform an in-place upgrade. Or, if the utility does not work, try using the Media Creation Tool to create an installation media to install the new version of Windows Alternatively, you can also troubleshoot blue screen errors with the “SetupDiag” tool.

SetupDiag is a Microsoft tool windows 10 blue screen free offers an optional download to diagnose and determine why an update or upgrade failed windows 10 blue screen free apply, which is valuable windows 10 blue screen free that can help resolve any problems. Once you complete the steps, the default text editor will open the file with the diagnostic results based on the known rules.

If an error was detected, the logs will describe the information to determine why the device blue screened during the update, and if it’s a known issue, you’ll also get the steps to resolve it.

Sometimes you won’t get any recommendations. If this happens, follow the link that might be available in the log file or use the error code or any meaningful information to research the problem online.

Use this guide for more detailed instructions. Windows can also crash due to a hardware-related problem. As a result, it’s always recommended to disconnect all non-essential peripherals, including external hard drives, printers, secondary monitors, phones, and other USB or Bluetooth devices, before proceeding with an installation to minimize the chances of errors.

The upgrade process windows 10 blue screen free requires a keyboard, mouse, monitor, and internet connection. After the installation, you can always reconnect the peripherals. If the issue persists, it could be a compatibility problem. You can usually resolve this issue by downloading and installing a newer driver version from your manufacturer’s support website. If the computer uses the most recent driver, and the problem continues, it could be a compatibility windows 10 blue screen free with перейти new version of Windows 10, or the hardware in question may need to be replaced.

You can always visit windows 10 blue screen free Microsoft health dashboard website opens in new tab to review any issues available with the latest release of Windows The best way to upgrade to a new version of Windows 10 is to erase everything and start from scratch with a clean installation.

The process will help you avoid the Blue Screen of Death, and it will help improve system performance and resolve issues. If you decide to perform a clean install, you first want to confirm that the computer can start from USB. Typically, the steps to open the motherboard firmware settings require windows 10 blue screen free one of the function keys F1, F2, F3, F10, or F12the Esc key, or the Delete key as soon as the device starts. However, these settings are always different per manufacturer and even by device model.

If you are not sure, it’s best to check the manufacturer’s support website for more specific details. While in the firmware interface, open the “Boot” page, set the boot order to start from USB, and save windows 10 blue screen free new changes.

Once the device can start from the flash drive, create a bootable installation media and use it to start windows 10 blue screen free Windows 10 setup, and then continue with the steps below. Warning: This is a friendly windows 10 blue screen free that you’ll be making changes to your current setup, which can cause problems and even data loss if you don’t do it correctly. It’s recommended to make a temporary full backup before proceeding.

Once you complete the steps, the setup will begin windows 10 blue screen free Windows 10, avoiding many blue screen errors. After the installation, you’ll need to continue with the out-of-box experience OOBE to finish setting up the computer by creating a new account and selecting the preferred settings. You can use this guide to perform a complete installation of Windows If the computer no longer starts correctly, you can use some of the advanced system features, such as System Restore, Safe mode, or the Advanced startup environment to resolve the problem.

In case the error happened after adding new hardware, consider disconnecting it to double-check to see whether the new hardware is the reason the computer is bumping into this problem. System Restore is a legacy feature that allows you to undo changes without affecting your files to roll back the computer to a previous point in time when Windows 10 was working correctly. The only downside about this feature is that you have to enable it manually before using it.

If System Restore was previously enabled and configuredyou can use a restore point windows 10 blue screen free fix the stop error. On Windows 10, there are at least two ways to access System Restore through Advanced startup, including through the boot options menu or USB installation media.

Choose one of the methods below, and continue with the steps. After the third interruption, Windows 10 should open the Advanced startup environment and continue with the steps below to access System Restore. Windows 10 blue screen free you complete the steps, the feature will undo updates, drivers, apps, and system changes done after the point of restoration was created, fixing the system crashes. Windows 10 also has “Safe mode,” an environment that only loads the basic drivers and services needed to access the desktop to troubleshoot any issue, including system crashes.

You can access Safe mode by using the Advanced startup menu during boot or by using Windows 10 installation media. Select one of the options below, and continue with the steps. After the third interruption, Windows кажется xero payroll training courses прикольно! should open the Advanced startup menu and continue with the steps below to access Safe mode. You can also use USB installation media to access the Advanced startup menu to enable Safe mode using these steps:.

While in Safe mode, you can use the steps below to uninstall updates and device drivers that may be causing problems. After you complete the steps, restart the device and confirm that the error is no longer happening.

Once you complete the steps, restart the computer and determine whether the bug check has been resolved. If, after removing the update, the computer no longer shows a BSoB error, block the update or driver to prevent Windows 10 from reinstalling it automatically until a newer update becomes available.

If you cannot see the error code during the blue screen or want more details about the problem, the Event Viewer records every hardware failure, driver malfunction, app crash, and more information, which you can use to diagnose most problems. In the event log, the “General” tab includes a brief technical description of the error that might windows 10 blue screen free you a hint of the blue screen problem.

In this guide, I forced a bug check using these instructionsso the event notes that the source of the problem was a “bug check” that caused the computer to reboot unexpectedly.

However, it’s not always easy to determine the source of the issue. If you can’t find out the reason based on the event жмите, copy the description, source, and event ID and use it to research online for a possible solution. Windows 10 also includes a feature to uninstall problematic updates directly from the Advanced startup windows 10 blue screen free.

Select one of the options to access Advanced startup, and continue with the instructions to remove quality or feature updates causing the Blue Screen of Death. After the windows 10 blue screen free interruption, Windows 10 should open the Advanced startup environment, and then you can continue with the steps below to boot in Safe mode.

To uninstall the most recent quality or feature update causing the Blue Screen of Death, use these steps:. After you complete the steps, Windows 10 will remove the most recent cumulative update or feature updatefixing the blue screen problem on Windows If you come across a Blue Screen of Death message, but you still have access to the desktop, the problem is usually the case of a missing adobe indesign 2014 has working free update, an issue with a specific driver, or a recently installed app.

If you have access to the desktop, installing the latest updates for Windows 10 and drivers can help stop the blue screen error. Windows 10 downloads and installs updates periodically, but you may still need to check manually to download a critical update. If there’s an update available, but it does not download, try to download and install the missing quality update manually. Once you complete the steps, the latest version of the driver should solve the problem. If no updates were available, you might need to check the manufacturer’s support website to download and install a newer driver using their instructions.

If the support website doesn’t have a version higher than the one you already have, you may also want to try a beta version of the driver as it may contain a preview of the fix the company may plan to release on a future release.

Software and hardware companies can also release buggy updates that windows 10 blue screen free problems like BSoD on Windows After you complete expert export page download steps, the problematic update will be uninstalled, fixing the Blue Screen of Death error. You can also use these steps to prevent the Windows Update settings from trying to install the same update again.

It’s also possible to roll back the previous version of the driver to resolve the issue until another update replaces the buggy update. After you complete the steps, the older version of the driver will apply to the system, fixing the system crashes. If you cannot roll back the driver, another workaround you can use involves disabling the hardware to mitigate the blue screen error until a new update becomes available to fix the issue permanently.

If you have an app causing compatibility problems, the Blue Screen of Death is likely to happen randomly, or every time you launch the program. You can get источник статьи this problem by downloading and installing the latest version of the app from the software support website. If an update isn’t available, it’s recommended to uninstall that program to mitigate the problem until a permanent solution becomes available.

Once you complete the steps, you should no longer experience blue screen error codes on the device. On Windows 10, you may also see a Blue Screen of Death message after connecting new hardware for example, graphics card, USB device, etc.

When this happens, the problem is likely because the hardware is not compatible, broken, or the system is attempting to install the wrong driver. If it’s a compatibility issue, you may have to contact technical support or find a compatible replacement. It’s rare, but if the system keeps applying the wrong driver, use the previous steps to uninstall and install the correct driver manually using the manufacturer’s instructions.

Once you complete the steps, the tool will download and replace any system file that may be damaged in the windows 10 blue screen free image of Windows To use the SFC command tool to repair the current setup using the local image already inspected and repaired with the DISM tooluse these steps:.


How to Fix a Windows Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) | Tom’s Hardware


Upgrade to Microsoft Edge to take advantage windows 10 blue screen free the latest features, security updates, and узнать больше support. Download BlueScreen 64 KB. One of the most feared colors in the NT world is blue. Bluescreen is a жмите saver that not only authentically mimics a BSOD, but will simulate startup screens /32490.txt during a system boot.

Bluescreen cycles between different Blue Screens and simulated boots every 15 windows 10 blue screen free or so. Virtually all the information shown on Bluescreen’s BSOD and system start screen is obtained from your system configuration windows 10 blue screen free its accuracy will fool even advanced NT developers. For /25405.txt, the NT build number, processor revision, loaded drivers and addresses, disk drive characteristics, and memory size are all taken from the system Bluescreen is running on.

Right click on the desktop to bring up the Display settings dialog and then select the “Screen Saver” tab. Use the pull смотрите подробнее list to find “Sysinternals Bluescreen” and apply it as your new screen saver.

Select the “Settings” button to enable fake disk activity, which adds an extra touch of realism! /17404.txt Some virus scanners flag the Bluescreen screen saver as a virus. If this is the case with your virus scanner, you may not be able to use this screen saver. Skip to main content. This browser is no longer supported. Table of contents Exit focus mode. Table of contents. BlueScreen Screen Saver v3. Additional resources In this article.

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