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Boost performance of your Laptop and Desktop. This improves the speed and performance of your Win10 PC and even use very less memory. Detects Antivirus related details. Check for the processes and services consuming high CPU Utility.

It helps to find processes and services which are not useful for user. Significantly increases the speed of the system. Reduces Internet usage of Windows Updates and background apps. Keeping it free for best user browsing speed. It monitors all Background application and detects applications which are in suspended mode. Background applications which are taking high CPU utility and are lowering system performance are monitored.

Tunes up the system extensively. Removes unnecessary resource logs and creates a clean working environment. Makes your Customers Happy with immediate and timely support. Give service to your customers comfortably from your home or office.

Net Protector Total Security provides you multilayered protection. Ensures smooth, fast internet connection and surfing. Reduces Unwanted Traffic. Real-time Protection stops the viruses before they reach your Personal Computer, keeping your Applications and Data safe.

Complete security solution for home users. Protects data in the system, even if the infection is originated at some other endpoints in the network. Automatically, backups your recently edited Documents for safe keeping against any corruption or ransomware.

Updates antivirus in the background automatically every hour as connected to internet. Net Protector Z-Security has come up with a new feature called “Anti-Ransomware” to safeguard your valuable data. This Edition has multiple layers of protection against Ransomware Threats. Blocks unwanted sites. Printer Activity feature, efficiently monitors and logs printing tasks done by all the managed endpoints. Manage client data backup from the server for safe keeping against any corruption or ransomware.

Automates the process for managing Local Administrative passwords on endpoints. Session activity record details of log in-log out, Remote desktop, Start and shutdown activity with single setting from the EPS admin console to managed clients.

Efficiently monitors and logs activity of managed endpoints. Monitor Files with deep inspection monitors and records access to shared files with details as user names, file names, client IP addresses. Internet is the life-line of all human activities, with Corporate Web Control you can secure the internet and block unwanted sites. It also keeps your Office and Home Secure. It keeps employees focused on work related Websites and Improve Productivity of your Staff.

Corporate web control allows you to secure the network by blocking unwanted sites and limiting the network access. Manage all computers endpoints and servers in your Office LAN. Web Firewall allows you to secure, monitor and control internet access in offices.

Internet access policy can be set for user or group based on their roles. Firewall can be used to block unwanted sites, which allows employees to keep their focus on work. It is widely used by System Admin, Developers and others to install and manage software on remote servers. Remote desktop login is now being used by various organizations to support the Work from Home work mode for many users also. Net Protector with a lot of research development and expertise in cyber security fields has designed and launched a unique product RDP Manager Cloud Portal.

It is a hybrid cloud and hosted model. Password manager can be used to store all your passwords and other essential information in a password vault. A password vault manager simply allows users to generate complex passwords for online accounts on the spot and store them securely for later use. While most password managers focus on complex methods to ensure security, Net Protector has developed a brand new password management system with a secure End to End Encryption, robust and easy-to-use interface.

NPAV password vault provides various secure and useful options to ensure highest level of security along with a very user friendly interface. Net protector has been actively involved in Research and Development of Anti-Virus and security software for many years.

This module will enable your games to run at a higher speed while consuming optimum system resources. Tunes up the system extensively by removing unnecessary resource data, cache and cookies. Your computer uses random access memory RAM , a crucial and quick form of short-term storage, to keep active data.

Game booster ensures that this memory is sufficiently assigned to gaming applications without slowing down other processes. Game Booster provides an option which allows users to monitor software requiring large memory and resources. Applying this special setting can boost your PC’s performance by 10x.

Game Booster enhances and boosts processes categorized as games. These processes are handed optimum resources and priorities during execution. When a game is running, it is given the first priority for system resource allocation. This results in an optimized and enhanced gaming experience. It provides a preset list of games from our library. If a user wishes to manually add any games which are out-of-date or not yet present in our library, they can do so easily by using Game Booster.

Optimum resource allocation and management leads to optimization of services which in turn lead to fast performing PC. Streamlines games and software to make your PC gaming-friendly. Uses Game defragger to enhance gaming quality exponentially. EduSafe Firewall. Mobile Security. All required security is provided to keep your mobile safe and secure in an easy-to-use Mobile Security Application. Tablet Security. Smartphones bring the virtual world closer to you wherever you go Unfortunately, they also bring along various viruses, malware and spyware that can threaten your privacy and cause Ineffable damage.

So,make your smart phone smarter and safer! It is easy to use, does not drain your battery and protects your mobile life. For 90 Days. NPAV My Password Manager app is designed to help you save, store your passwords securely and access any password on any device.

Monitor all your devices on one screen. Manage your subscription, Hassle free renewal and topup process, Check protection status online, Get your hardware details, Add electronic asset’s information, Create tickets and get instant support. Net Protector is a current member of the checkmark certification system. The product is tested and validated for its functionality and performance in accordance with the test criteria and standards of the certification.

Windows Booster Boost performance of your Laptop and Desktop. Buy Now Know More. Background application monitoring It monitors all Background application and detects applications which are in suspended mode. Junk cleaner Tunes up the system extensively.

Remote session Support calls Makes your Customers Happy with immediate and timely support. Buy Now Compare products. Features of Total Security. Ransomware LAN Shield Protects data in the system, even if the infection is originated at some other endpoints in the network. Data Backup Automatically, backups your recently edited Documents for safe keeping against any corruption or ransomware.

Automatic Updates Updates antivirus in the background automatically every hour as connected to internet. Features of Z-Security. Net Protector Server Edition.

Monitoring over LAN networks. Block malware programs and application form executing. Monitors and blocks all malicious incoming and outgoing internet connections. Block the Intrusion Mails. Z security for Server. Protect your system from any malicious Network activities. Scan incoming POP3 Mails and attachement. Protects from malware and virus infection over the Local Area Network.

Ads popup Blocking. Provides protection against malware that blocks useraccess to the computer using keyboard hotkey’s. Block Unwanted Programs.



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